What is the right type of luggage to bring on board the ship?
Any kind of luggage is fine, including hard-top and rolling cases. Each cabin has a wardrobe with shelves where you can store your clothes and other things. There is space under one of the beds to store your suitcase.

Is the water on board of the ship drinking water?
Yes, the running water on board is drinking water.
To save water we use river water to flush the toilets.

Can I use my CAPA device on board?
During the night, electricity on board of the ship is supplied at a voltage of 220 volt. We receive our power supply either from shore power connection or from our batteries. The sockets on the ships are European standard plugs. If your appliance's plug doesn't match the shape of these sockets, you will need a travel plug adapter in order to plug in. If the AC adapter of your CPCP machine says "100-240V" then a plug adapter will work just fine. However, some brands/models are only compatible with 110-120V. If that's true of yours, then theoretically a voltage transformer + a plug adapter would at least allow it to power up. But in practice, the difference in frequency (Hz) may negatively affect the machine's performance. Please check these things carefully in advance.  You also have to carry on distilled water and eventually an extension cord.

What does the tour guide do?
During your cycle vacation you travel in company of a tour guide. The guide knows the region and the language spoken there very well and can show you the most beautiful spots along the way.
Each night after dinner the guide discusses the following day’s route with you. Regularly our guide will invite you afterwards to join him or her for an evening stroll or city walk.
The guide is also your contact person who will help you in case you encounter any problems while en route, such as technical problems with your bike, or even problems concerning private matters.

Is it compulsory to wear a bike helmet?
In The Netherlands and Germany it is not mandated for adults to wear bike helmets. We advise you to wear a helmet on certain days of the trip because of the nature of the route.
In France however helmets are mandated for adults and children.  We advise you to bring your own helmet, but you can also borrow bike helmets on board for free.

Can I stay on board the ship?
You can stay on board the ship if you feel like having a day of rest. You can experience the landscape from the water and enjoy the ship and the views of the countryside.

What is a ‘split level bed’?
‘Split level beds’ are a type of bunk bed in which one bed frame is stacked on top of another. It is an L-shape bunk where the foot of the bottom bed is oriented at a right angle to the top bed such that when viewed from above the beds form an L.

What are bike and boat tours?
On a bike and boat tour you cycle during the day and then relax, dine and sleep on board your 'floating hotel' at night. After breakfast, the guests of ‘La Belle Fleur’ get on their bikes to start the cycle tour planned for the day by the tour guide while the ship sails to the next harbor. In the afternoon, you arrive at the harbour where the hotelship ‘La Belle Fleur’ awaits you. Each night during the journey you spend the night in a different place while enjoying the comfort of one and the same familiar hotel room. The ship as a floating hotel also offers the advantage of staying in different places without the hassle of carrying around your luggage.

What kind of insurances do I need?
We advise you to take out a travel insurance. Perhaps your insurance package  already includes a travel insurance. Please check this so that you travel on ease.

Is smoking permitted on board of the ship?
Smoking is forbidden in the cabins and in the dining room because of safety requirements. Smoking is permitted on open deck areas where we provide ashtrays.

Are pets allowed on the ship?
It is not allowed to take pets on the ship.

Can I take my own bicycle on a boat and bike tour?
On some of the tours we organize it is possible to bring your own bike (numbers limited). Actieve Vaarvakanties is not responsible for any damage caused to or even rubbery of bikes owned by guests.

Are bike and boat tours suitable for children?
Children are always welcome on board of our ship. Children under the age of eighteen must travel in company of an adult. You should take into account that you know if the child is able to bike the distances estimated for the day since most of the time it is not possible to get on board during the day trip. Children can stay on board the ship if they need a day of rest if they are accompanied by an adult.

I have special dietary requirements, can you take these into account?
We offer special meals to suit dietary requirements if you indicated medical reasons for this on your booking form. You have to take into account that in many cases we have to charge extra costs for preparing special meals. If you tell us about your dietary requirements after arrival on the ship we cannot assure you that we can make arrangements for special meals.

What is the average age of the participants?
The ages of our guests range between 20 and 80 years. During the school holidays also families with younger children travel with us. 

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